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I'm Steph! I am a 30 year old momma and wife from Michigan. I have been married for 10 years to my husband Leif and we have a daughter Cadence who is 7 years old and a son Nathan who was is 4 years old and has SPD and ASD . I love to take pictures of my babies, craft, watch crappy celebrity reality TV, officiate weddings and blog. Check out my business page at www.facebook.com/cadymaydesigns! I love to make new friends and reconnect with old ones! We are in the beginning of our family adjusting and becoming an ASD Family so I'm excited for the next step and the plan God has for us!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

What do you do when you set goals for the year only to realize you failed EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OF.THEM........

Well, In the past I would probably dwell on the fact that I was a crazy failure and sit and cry while eating a pint of ice cream while watching The Biggest Loser and whining because I wish I could lose 100lbs in 8 weeks.....BUT that doesn't seem to be the case this year!

The new me will make new goals and start fresh!

Here is a refresher for my goals from last year:

My Fitness Goals for 2013
-Make it to 199lbs---FAILED! I was at my lowest weight in July (38lbs away from my goal) but then life happened, I got lazy, I started working full time and I gained 14lbs......
-Workout twice a day---FAILED! I was actually doing very well with this as well up until the fall....well, because of the same excuses I used up above....
-Eat Better, stick to 1500-1200 calories a day and keep logging into MyFitnessPal.---FAILED!
-Start running again and complete the C25K---FAILED! I think I attempted this at least 3 times......
-Run at least 1 5K (The Hot Chocolate Run in Chicago with Jen for sure)---FAILED!
-Feel better about myself---I can't call this a total failure because I do feel better about myself....just not as much lately...

My Personal/Family Goals for 2013
-Get Organized---FAILED! 
-Be a better wife and mom---umm...I don't really know...I honestly think that me getting out of the house and getting a job has kind of made me a better wife and mom.....this one is debatable....
-Make a Budget AND stick to it---FAILED! 
-Work on getting out of debt---FAILED! I think I successfully caused us more debt this year....
-Build a Savings---FAILED!
-Start a Christmas club in January so that I am not freaking out in December---FAILED!
-Feel better about myself---Same answer as above......maybe....
-Make at least one day a week Date Night---FAILED!
-Have a girls only day with Cady at least once ever other week---FAILED!
-Be in bed by 11:30pm on weekdays, even when school is out---FAILED!
-Craft more and build up my online business---FAILED!
-Read my Bible once a day---FAILED!
-Try not to over-commit myself---FAILED!

So, there ya have it....There is my 2013 recap! LOL..not super exciting or encouraging.  Now, since I am not going to dwell on it, I'd like to share my new goals.  And let's pray next year when I recap I will have less fails and more successes! :-) I have a really good feeling about this year and my life and how things are going......

My Fitness Goals for 2014
-Make it to 199lbs
-Workout once a day
-Eat Better, stick to 1500-1200 calories a day and keep logging into MyFitnessPal.
-Start running again and complete the C25K
-Run at least 1 5K (The Hot Chocolate Run in Chicago with Jen for sure)
-Feel better about myself

My Personal/Family Goals for 2013
-Get Organized
-Be a better wife and mom
-Make a Budget AND stick to it
-Work on getting out of debt
-Build a Savings
-Start a Christmas club in January so that I am not freaking out in December
-Feel better about myself
-Make at least one day a week Date Night
-Have a girls only day with Cady at least once ever other week
-Be in bed by 10:30pm on weekdays, even when school is out
-Read my Bible once a day
-Try not to over-commit myself

I can say that I have had at least one success from last year.
I am able to be totally ok with where I am at in my life right now.

Until Next Time....

Friday, September 6, 2013

Health and Fitness Friday: Wake Me Up, When September Ends....Or at least let me sleep a little bit!

Yes, I know I only have an hour before it is no longer Friday anymore but I still wanted to link up with my girl Jen for Health and Fitness Friday!  

I am pretty much horrible at blogging lately.  I really need to start jotting down blog ideas as I am going throughout my day because I have a lot of ideas I just go totally blank when I get time to sit down and actually blog! So, Jen has started a new structure for our link up and I am thrilled!  It totally helps me because then I don't really have to think much, just follow her directions! LOL  If I can even manage that.... ;-)  So, here we go!

I haven't been wonderful with my eating lately, I haven't been awful, but not super good either...so I really need to get back on my game!  I have slacked off through the summer keeping up with MyFitnessPal (StephHightree) so I am really focusing more this month to actually log and keep track and stay within my calories.  Every time I fall off the wagon I seem to go crazy on Gardetto Garlic Rye Chips, Sour Punch Straws and Frappuccinos! I'm super excited for the fall weather because that means it is Crock Pot time!  I love using my crock pot because I never know if I will be home or not so this gives us an easy option to still have an awesome dinner at night.  

This recipe isn't Super healthy but I am excited to try it and plan on making it sometime next week.  I will have to update you on how it tastes once we test it out! 

This month I have made a goal of completing 100 miles combined of walking, running and biking.  I want to get as much outside workouts done before the weather starts to get colder and I am SO enjoying my mornings with no kids while they are at school so I am taking advantage of it! So far this week I am at 25.07 miles with 2 days left in the first week of the month, I just pray that I don't lose steam!  

I really need to work on NOT thinking as much this week! I have noticed that this week I have been over-thinking so much that it has been keeping me up at night. My mind is just racing with the constant To-Do list that I have going through my head so I really need to work on somethings to shut my mind down to relax because we all know that sleep is a BIG chunk of being healthy! I'm really going to work on some sleep routines to try and calm myself down and not think as much when I should be sleeping!  

Well, I've spent entirely too long writing this post and am now 8 minutes away from Saturday! So, I guess I will end this until next week!  

Happy Friday Friends! 

Until Next Time....

Friday, August 23, 2013

Health and Fitness Friday: It's not you.....it's me....

Happy Health and Fitness Friday!  

I admit.....I have totally sucked at posting all summer!!  I feel like every week I have a great idea for a post on Friday but I don't actually remember to post until like Sunday.....So then I don't want to look like a loser so I don't post at all! HAH!!  
Well....here I am this week. I'm posting because I have a pretty big announcement....

I think it's time that we break up and go our separate ways.
Don't be sad, it's not you, it's me. 
We just make better friends than anything else. 
I need some space and time to clear my head and figure out what I want in life. 
You do you, I'm doing me.
It's been great getting to know you, but it's time we get to know other people. 
I'm not ready for a commitment. 
We can still be friends. 
We are just in totally different places in our lives. 

That's right folks.  Starting September 1st, I am officially breaking up with my scale for the whole month! 

Believe me when I tell you that this is probably one of the harder decisions I have made in a while!  You see, for the past year I have had a love hate relationship with that pesky little thing on the floor that spits out numbers that you either love or hate. 

It started out pretty innocent. Weighing myself, getting the number, beating myself up about it in my head and then going about my week. Then I started noticing that instead of seeing each other once a week it turned into every couple of days, then once a day, and for the past month I have found myself stepping on that thing 2, 3 sometimes 4 times a day!!  And it makes me mad.  I'm mad because I know that we fluctuate in weight on sometimes an hourly basis! I'm mad because for the last month it hasn't moved much unless it was going up! I'm mad because I know that I am addicted to the scale and I truly think its stupid yet I can't NOT step on that thing every time I walk by it! I'm mad because I try to justify that because I still have so much weight to loose that the numbers do matter and its not just about the inches I lose. 

So, I've decided it's time to be done. 
I need a break, I need to stop obsessing over what number I am. 
I need to take my life back. 
I need to focus my time that I gave to the scale everyday on more important things....like maybe doing the dishes while I'm in the kitchen instead of weighing myself....I'm still not sure why the scale is even in the kitchen....

Not gonna lie, this will probably be a huge struggle for me because I know that I have been programmed to think that the scale is the most important thing in my weight loss journey. But I have to teach myself that that is simply untrue. Yes, going down in weight is what I am supposed to be doing, but I really need to remind myself that what really matters is that I am getting myself healthy and fit for me and my family. And one of the biggest notices I have felt through the month is that I am still going down in inches even if the scale isn't moving like it is supposed to.  I tried on a pair of pants last week that I never could have fit a month ago let alone a year ago. So obviously something is happening. 

Ok, Enough about the scale today....typing it makes me want to go jump on it right now and see what it says...but I'm not going to.....hopefully....

I will leave you with these to help dictate what I will be saying to my scale in 9 days.

Until next time....

Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4th. One Year.

August 4th, 2012.

The day I flushed my fear down the toilet and put myself out there!

This is the day I said, "Screw it! I need accountability and I am going to do this!"  So, I did it.
I put my "Before" pics on Facebook and left it at that.  Who knew that this would open up a whole new world for me!?
Who knew that I would start to think of myself as someone other than the fat girl!
Who knew that I would actually inspire people.
I am not an inspiration!?
I am just the fat girl who wants to be less fat!
I am not a expert, I make mistakes.....but apparently I am also inspiring others to start their journey!
Im not gonna lie, it is still weird for me when someone tells me that my journey pushed them to start, I still don't know how to react and am kind of awkward when I am supposed to respond. But I am changing and I feel like God put me here to share my experience so if that is what I am called to do, then that is what I will do!

August 4th, 2013.


Today I am down 45lbs.
Today I am a runner.
Today I am a bike rider.
Today I am changing.
Today I am down 2-3 clothing sizes. 
Today I can run/walk/jog 3-4 miles.
Today I can bike ride 11 miles.
Today I am aware of what I put into my body and how many calories it is.
Today I think about how many calories I will burn during a work out instead of how many swiss cake rolls I can shove in my mouth.
Today I have hit my 1 year Weight Loss Journey Anniversary.
Today I am still a work in progress, but I am progressing and that is all that matters.

I am by no means where I want to be, but I can now with full confidence say that I will get there.  It may take me another year, it may take me two. But I will get there!  I could fill this post up with so many reflections, but it would probably take me another year to finish, so I know that you are all waiting for one thing.

My progress picture. :-)

Until Next Time....

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I watch a lot of tv. Like a borderline unhealthy Im probably addicted amount of tv. I love it and Im not afraid to admit it..... :-)
So, tonight I found myself watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. 

Yeah, the one with that guy....he's a hottie. Well, while watching it I started thinking to myself how jealous I was that this couple lost so much weight in such a short time and the circumstances weren't quite as unrealistic as The Biggest Loser is so why couldn't I do that?? After a few commercial breaks I had a realization. 


Ok, I havent lost huge numbers in short time frames like them, but I have lost 44lbs in under a year and am still going strong! I have worked my butt off and actually started working my butt off, :-), and I need to stop being envious of others huge weight loss amounts because I soon will be one of them! I know I will because I know I can do it! I just need to get over this tiny bump in my journey. 
Think of me when you are eating that huge juicy burger and potato salad this weekend please because this momma has some food changes to make! :-)

Ill probably have a half a burger.....

Until next time....

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

44 lessons for 44 pounds

I am down 44 lbs total. I am so excited about finally being in the 230's! However, all I can see is that last 6 lbs until my first big goal! -50 lbs is so close yet so far away!

So, to get my mind off of those pesky 6 I am going to share 44 things I have learned since I have lost 44lbs.

1) I have too many clothes in my closet that I will never wear again.
2) I can ride my bike for 10 miles without stopping.
3) I can actually run.
4) I will succeed and make my goal.
5) I am worth it.
6) I can go a whole day without needed a nap.
7) I would rather walk or ride my bike than drive. But some places are just too annoying to get too!
8) Just because I am not a long distance runner, doesn't mean I am exempt from running injuries! BOO!
9) I need better sports bras.
10) I can not wear yoga pants to run in unless I want them to be at my ankles.
11) I am a weirdo who doesn't mind running without music.
12) It makes me feel weird and a little uncomfortable when people tell me I am an inspiration to them because I don't know how to respond.....I have never been an inspiration to anyone!
13) I really need to buy some new underwear....considering I haven't bought any since I have lost weight....
14) I crave water.
15) Fast food generally makes me sick when I eat it now.  Like stomach hurting sick.....
16) I can actually eat one serving of something and not feel like I am starving.
17) There comes a time when you just need to break down and get some smaller pants!
18) You can lose weight in your feet.....who knew!?
19) Even though I don't feel like I am getting smaller, I actually am.
20) Just because the scale isn't moving, doesn't mean I am not getting healthier and smaller.
21) Even though I feel like I am going to die, if I keep going, I will feel better when it is done!
22) I actually look forward to my evening workouts with my sissy!
23) I can go to a restaurant and not drink pop with my meal and still survive!
24) It is possible.
25) It seems weird to me to go on a "leisure" walk now...I feel like I have to take advantage of every calorie burning activity possible!
26) I don't care anymore about what people think when I workout in public.
27) It is much easier to run when you are not pushing a jogging stroller.
28) There is a term called chub-rub......You would think being a fat chick I would have known about this a long time ago!
29) I need new running shoes.
30) I need actual running shoes.
31) Shin splints suck.
32) Blisters on the bottom of your foot also suck.
33) It annoys me that I can run farther and longer on the treadmill than I can outside.
34) Have I mentioned that I really need to breakdown and buy some smaller underwear...lol
35) I am pretty much wearing 2 sizes smaller in both tops and bottoms.
36) Being lazy for more than a day will really hurt your progress on the scale.
37) People in Three Rivers really should know that the track belongs to me and my sister after 8pm....we are very territorial and you are cramping out style! ;-)
38) It is not easy to go on a two mile walk while pulling a wagon with 2 children who both weigh almost 40lbs up hill.
39) I now measure my work outs by how fast I go instead of how far I go.
40) 5 year olds and long distance walks/bike rides don't mix.
41) I need to break up with my scale.
42) I should have measured myself correctly when I started.
43) My FitBit is a really good motivator!
44) And last but not least I have learned that this has and will always be the most difficult journey I will ever be a part of!

Until Next Time......

Monday, June 24, 2013

Ignorance is not bliss...

Friday morning my son was officially diagnosed medically with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.  

This is a long time coming and I can honestly say that I am relieved that we are one step closer to getting things taken care of.  Let's give you a little back story: Around December I started feeling like there was more to Nathan's behavior than just "Terrible Twos" and being a boy. He was not talking, very angry, circling things all the time and just started lining up his cars. The researcher in me started googling and taking quizzes and was left with more questions than ever!  But I was pretty confident that Nathan was Autistic.  Everything added up and I will be honest, I was kind of happy that I had some ideas as to why he was different.  Obviously I took my questions to his Ped and step after step we have finally gotten the official answer!  So, I have officially joined the exclusive group of Autism Mothers.  However, during my research I have read many articles where parents talk about how devastating it is to hear that your child is Autistic. 

I guess I just don't get it.  Am I weird?? 

Autism is not the end of the world, it is not a death sentence, it is not some horrible disease. Nathan does not suffer from anything. He is a curious 2 1/2 year old boy who deals with things and learns differently than you and I, but he is not suffering. 

Yes it is hard at times to care for him, but it is not a tragedy. God chose me to be his mother for a reason, and it annoys me when people feel sorry for us because we have a special needs son. 

BTW, I do believe that ignorance is truly a tragedy! :-)

Until Next Time......

Friday, May 3, 2013

Health and Fitness Friday: I'm ON FIRE!

This weeks post is brought to you by my calves, who are officially SORE and ON FIRE!! 
(and hopefully soon will be smaller more toned calves)

Here is my workout log for the week:

30 Day Shred workout 
1 mile walk/run on treadmill

Biked 4.5 miles while pulling bike cart with 2 boys
Short .80 mile walk outside
30 Day Shred workout

1.85 mile walk back and forth to the park
Biked 4.16 miles

3 mile walk on track
6 rounds of Bleachers at the track
30 Day Shred workout

2.5 mile run/walk outside
Biked 2 miles while pulling bike cart with 2 kids.    

The majority of my working out this week has been outside and I LOVE it!  I have been waiting for the weather to get nice and so I have been using every second I can to do some sort of working out!  The one thing I have noticed however, is that I suck at running outside.  I seem to have gotten so used to the treadmill that my outdoor running has suffered.  
I did have a big breakthrough tonight though! 
When I first started working out I would walk at our high school track conveniently right down the road.  I started by walking and then slowly started pushing myself to jog.  I set VERY small goals to get myself started and before I knew it I was jogging for 30 secs at a time, which was the equivalent of like a half of a tenth of a mile. (HUGE victory for someone who is 100lbs+ overweight and has never ran/jogged in their adult life!) Well, today I ran around the whole track one time non-stop before I had to stop to take a breath!  I did this twice!  Sure I still felt like I was going to die, but that puts me one step closer to my goal of running an entire mile without taking a break or walking!  

I wanna talk about a fun topic now.  Bathing Suit Shopping!!  I can say without a doubt that I am SO excited this year to shop for a new bathing suit!  My parents have a swimming pool that we basically move into all summer so bathing suits are one of my main outfits throughout the summer. In the past I have just settled for whatever they had available in my size and price range.  The past 2 years I wore my Maternity bathing suit even though I was not pregnant last year!  I tried on at least 10 suits last year and nothing fit me.  They were all either way too tight everywhere or too small in the bust area or just ugly and expensive!  So, I settled yet again for my go to Motherhood Maternity suit!  

Well this year I am not going to settle and I can not justify wearing a maternity suit again this year!  I have lost 40lbs!  Even though I am nowhere near the weight that I want to be and plan to lose more throughout the summer I still think that 40lbs warrants a new swim suit that actually fits me this year! Yes, I will still be wearing the normal "Big Girl Swim Dress" BUT it will be smaller and cuter and New! 

Here are some of the ones I have liked so far: 

Since I have already been shopping in my head now I just need to get the last 10lbs off so I can go shopping being 50lbs lighter! ;-) 

I pray that you all have a safe and Happy Weekend!  
If you need a great link up head over to my girl Jen's place and link up to her Health and Fitness Friday linky!

Until Next Time.... 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Love this man.

Today, Leif and I have been married for 8 years. I can say with certainty that 11 years ago I knew I was going to marry this man and be with him for the rest of our lives.  I love him so much I can't even put it into words. I can not wait to see what our future holds for our family!

I Love You Leif. 
Here's to the next 8 years! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Health and Fitness Friday (Saturday, kinda Sunday...) LOL

Yes, I realize that it is technically Sunday now...I started writing this blog post on Saturday (yes....I know that's still not Friday...) but I had to stop and am just now getting back to it!

I hit a couple milestones this week. I had a not-so good week the week before last so I was yo-yo'ing back and forth but I FINALLY lost that last pound I needed to hit -40 lbs!!

I am getting so close to my first "big" goal of 50 lbs lost that it is honestly bugging me! I just want to get my butt in gear and kick it up notch and get those 10 lbs off already!! :-)

One sad part (as if there can be a sad part about losing weight) is that MyFitnessPal finally prompted me to update my goals since I haven't updated them since I started....so of course, I lost some calories, which I need to get used to, but it really only calculates to 1 less snack during the day so I think I can handle that!

Another milestone I hit was riding my bike while pulling both of my children behind me (aprox. 75 lbs combined with the cart) for 2 miles and not getting tired!  I remember when I first bought my bike around 4 years ago and I couldn't even ride a block without feeling like I was going to die and stopping to take a break!  I have actually been considering using my bike more often for in town errands that I need to do during the day.

Speaking of doing work outs during the day I finally got myself a FitBit!

I have been debating between the FitBit and a heart rate monitor and finally decided that this would fit my needs right now.  I have only had it for a half day so I haven't gotten a full read yet but I think it is going to be very helpful and motivating to keep myself moving throughout the day!

One last thing I wanted to add is that I can finally say that I am kind of excited to go bathing suit shopping this year!  I have some bathing suit related material planned for next week's post let's just hope that I can actually remember to post it on FRIDAY! :-) 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! 

Until Next Time....  

Ps: Thank You for giving me a shout out Jen even though I was a slacker this week and late with my post!  I love you girl!